Home Home Stores Stores Specials Specials Catering Catering Menu Menu Mr Rib Mr Rib ABOUT US  Breaking most of the rules is a recipe which has seen few flops for the brothers Andre and Chris Castelein.  “We started the business in 1991, we had done no market survey, there was no profit projections, we had no advertising budget and our father told us the shop was in the wrong place”.  What the brothers did have was an understanding of the business, both having  worked in the fast food industry for some time, and an eye for opportunity.  The name “CASSIE’S” came from the common nick-name for the six brothers in the family.  On November 21 1991 the first store opened for businessat 52 Sutton Road, Sidwell with nothing more than a banner draped outside. “We didn’t do fliers or advertising because  we did not have the money. We just opened the doors”  Day one saw a turnover of R220.00  We now provide pies, hamburgers, meals sandwiches and platters with stores in PE and Despatch. VISIT THE REST OF THE FAMILY Home Home